The most common form of wakeboarding is to be pulled by a boat on a board.

Similar to snowboarding you can jump and do turns. You can also experience wakeskating where your feet are not secured to the board, so it feels like you are skateboarding on water as well. Wakesurfing is also available where you ride the wave generated by the boat without a rope. This marine activity is much easier to learn than snowboarding or surfing.
At Hakutaka Marine our skilled drivers will make sure you have a fun and safe experience.
Our school is well known and praised across Japan for producing the first elementary school pro wakeboarder as well as a world champion wakeboarder.


Based on our motto- “Safe and Fun!”

Our goal is for first-timers to experience and enjoy wakeboarding and surfing.
Most participants can stand within the first 20 minutes so why not give it a try! You will be wearing a life jacket and can participate even if you can’ t swim!
At Lake Yamanaka, the lake is fed through groundwater from the melting snow of Mt. Fuji so there is no concern about getting muddy.


Solo participants are more than welcome!

One round is between 15 to 20 minutes. After you get the hang of it, we recommend the “Full course” for Round 2. In the summer we will provide a rash guard to wear over your swimsuit. You can also rent a wet suit if needed. In the fall and spring, we will provide you with a dry suit. You will only need to bring swimwear, towel, sandals, and maybe a light jacket. For women, please wear shorts over your swimsuit.